Deep Dark Blue Inca babies Album/CD "Deep dark Blue" on Black Lagoon Records INCLP CD 0049 released November 2012.  
My Sick Suburb 3.40
But not this time 2.56
Deep Dark Blue 3.30
Following Jorges 4.21
Endgame Check out Club 3.38
Tower of Babel 4.06
Monologues of madness 3.46
Bikini Quicksand 2.58
The End of the Blue 7.31
Sven Hassel v Billy the Kid 2.22
Slick 4.50
Some kinda reason 2.20
Please don’t talk about me 3.02

The inca babies release a new Album “Deep Dark Blue” in November 2012 on their own Black Lagoon Records. It is their sixth studio album and is a reflection of songs about hope and endeavour, but with the usual mischief and lyrical mendacity reminiscent of previous recordings. It reflects a re-shaping of the Incas sound into a seasoned and yet wilful approach to guitars, percussion and lyrical narratives of tall tales and extravagant characters. This new album, with its exploration into yet more exuberant sounds and ideas, is looking for the band to consolidate and find yet newer untapped congregations to enthral.


Re-Peeled Re-Peeled EP
A side: Brother Rat Daniella
AA side: The Depths She Mercenary

“We wanted to do something special to send a message out to those who wondered what Peel was all about,” says Stafford, “and ‘Re-Peeled’ bookends both then and now.” “Re-recording Inca Babies songs we debuted on his show is our way of acknowledging Peel’s great legacy: Peel got things done, he championed music, he took risks and he shaped taste but above all he had an undimmed thirst and passion for music – and that is a great way to live.”

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My Sick Suberb
Inca babies 7” Vinyl Single “My Sick Suburb/Tower of Babel” on Black Lagoon Records INC 0048 released 21st April 2012. For Record store day
A side: My Sick Suburb 3.40
AA side: Tower of Babel 4.06
My Sick Suburb updates the band’s Link Ray surf-punk twang in an ode to the passing of Manchester’s infamous Hulme district, the concrete slum zone which bred so much of the city’s creativity in the 1980s.
Tower of Babel continues the story, a sleazy bar-room swagger of a song which adds trumpet and piano to the trademark Inca’s rock’n’roll brew, creating a trashman’s blues tale of how Hulme just had to come down.

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Death Message Blues Inca babies Album/CD “Death Message Blues” Black Lagoon Records INCLP CD 0047 released October 2010.
Phantom Track
Tumbling Man
Death Message Blues
Shake Your Soul
Night was Burning the ground was frozen
Even Lovers Drown
Walk Like Jesus
Gates to the Tunnel of Song
The Miracle
Taking Pilgrims to the water
Can’t No Tombstone

“Death Message Blues’ features twelve new tracks penned by Stafford, casting a net across fast and spiky r’n’b, swamp blues, bastard country and punk power. Lyrically, the songs observe usual Inca traits of wild characters, ghosts and murderous stories, with reflections too on the passing of Inca founding member Bill Marten.

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Inca babies ‘Best Of’ Album/CD “Plutonium” Anagram Records cdmgram 197 released October 2007.
Devil in my Room
Big Jugular
Correction Stack
The diseased Strangers Waltz
Burning Town
The Judge
Grunt Cadillac Hotel
Plenty More Mutants
Big Cypress
Opium Den
She Mercenary
The Lung Knives
The Interior

“The Inca Babies…all trashed out in post-punk murder ballads that twang and shoot monochromatic drones into their sullen-sunken cheeks. Possessed in sharp-edged yearnings of Americana, they are not of their roots, yet their style is captured in the vital post punk era, circa 1982. It’s the leftover stains of The Cramps, Link Wray, The Birthday Party, Nick Cave, The Gun Club, Tom Waits, Television and Siouxie & The Banshees, that blueprint the same timeless encrypted contemplated torture, branding the melancholic soul to keep inspiring, brooding rock ‘n roll.”JPUNKA.