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The Fabled West London post-Punk rockers, Folk Devils are teaming up with Manchester's Inca Babies for a handful of summer dates around the UK.
Both bands released acclaimed music in the mid-80s that helped define the emerging adrenalized blues-inflected swamp-rock scene that had spawned the likes of The Birthday Party, The Gun Club and The Scientists, recording multiple sessions for John Peel’s legendary BBC Radio 1 programme and burning brightly on rigorous touring schedules

With the release of the long-overdue anthology Beautiful Monsters (Singles & Demo Recordings 1984-86) last summer through Optic Nerve Recordings, original Folk Devils guitarist Kris Jozajtis and bassist Mark Whiteley decided to reconvene the band with late-period drummer John Hamilton and Dave Hodgson of post-punks Parting Shots taking the place of singer and founder Ian Lowery, who sadly died in 2001.

The Inca Babies reformed around founding member Harry Stafford in 2007 and have been active since, releasing their most recent album The Stereo Plan in 2014. Now a 3-piece, the band is completed by drummer Rob Haynes (The Membranes, Goldblade) and bass player Vince Hunt, formerly of A Witness.
The incas played no gigs in 2016 as each member followed personal music projects, so it is a most welcome return to the live circuit for them where they will play a strong selection from all 7 studio albums.



The New Inca Babies Album "The Stereo Plan" is released on September 20th. 2014


The Stereo Plan


inca babies 'the stereo plan'
On Black Lagoon Records inclp51. Release date 20th September 2014

This September the inca babies release their seventh studio album, 'The Stereo Plan', but moreover the third album in the death blues trilogy, charting their celebrated comeback in 2007.
With the highly acclaimed 'Death message Blues' and 'Deep Dark Blue' laying a sonic template of what was to come, 'The Stereo Plan' now takes up the story.
While 'Death message Blues' (2010) negotiated the difficult days following original bass player Bill Marten's sudden death, it also won them fans in Milan, Los Angeles, Vilnius and Warsaw for blistering live performances, 'Deep Dark Blue' (2012) was to emerge from those shadows exuding hope and humour tapping fresh energy for new creative horizons, and it was to consolidate their sound and lay a firm foundation for the future.
With fourteen great songs 'The Stereo Plan' takes you across a tightly euphoric path of differing moods and new arenas of coherent and striking song writing but continues their explosive exploration of surf punk and trash blues sharing space with death rock grunge and end of the world ballads. Singer and Guitarist Harry Stafford has written a searching collection of tall tales of madness, fearfully larger than life characters and fulsome yarns backed by a no-nonsense rhythm section locked into a pounding backbeat. Aided by the youthful genius of Dean Glover as Producer at Vibe Studios, the richness of sound is probably never bettered on any other Inca's Album.
The Title track, 'The Stereo Plan', which opens this album is a driving, relentless riff, with a lyrical 'to do list' of a desperate man living his last days through his scratched vinyl record collection.
'Scatter', their Record store day release this year is a one-chord slab of pure pounding deathrock punk-blues. The Incas re-discover their primal rock instinct, slamming the accelerator down on a searing riff and sticking with it until the rubber is shredded from the tires. You can see Harry Stafford's Film of the song here:


Watch the film

One of the new approaches to furthering the music dynamic is audio visual whereby to make short films with each track, like the above song. So far Singer Harry Stafford has made films for, The Stereo Plan.


The Stereo Plan video


Absolute leader of the world, Damnation, Blacktop Speedway, River to the centre of the world and Panthers.
'Panthers', the next record Store release in April 2015, a wistful tale of bad company and poor choices delivered with a cautionary tale in the chorus line, as our hero struggles for breath with a cruising wave of guitars and laconic drums to deal with.
The relationship with Jazz trumpet great Kevin G. Davy continues with his contribution to 'Ghost ship' turning the sub blues groove into a deep jazz vibe.
The band continues to tour extensively and play St Petersburg and Moscow, Brighton, Manchester and Birmingham with dates in London, Warsaw and India in the New Year. A tour to spread the word further will start in Spring 2015.


Released and distributed by Cargo UK 'The Stereo Plan' can also be purchased via the band's website


and on itunes

Members: Harry Stafford - guitar, vocals; Vince Hunt - bass; Rob Haynes – drums. Label: Black Lagoon Records
Sounds Like: The Gun Club, The Cramps, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Link Wray, The Screaming Blue Messiahs.



New album Deep Dark Blue set for release November 2012...'

Deep Dark Blue Album Cover



'Death Message Blues' CD now available after re-press.. see 'Buy' page for details...'



Death Message Blues Cover



Inca Babies - Deep Dark Blue
Black Lagoon
Released: 5th November 2012.

OK, this one took us by surprise. We first fell for Inca Babies in 1983 when they unleashed 'The Interior' on an unsuspecting world. Strangely for a Manchester band of that era, they were not influenced by the introvert gloom rock of Joy Division and the like, but were unashamed fans of the untouchable Birthday Party, the Cramps and the Gun Club. Their music was explosively messy and a whole stream of cracking records saw the light of day on the band's own Black Lagoon label over the next five years. Disbanding at the end of the eighties, Inca Babies apparently reformed in 2007, survived the tragic death of bassist Bill Marten the following year, and now follow October 2010's Death Message Blues with their sixth album proper, Deep Dark Blue. The band always had a fluid line-up, based around Marten and guitarist Harry Stafford, and are now a three-piece with Rob Haynes drumming, Vince Hunt on bass and Stafford taking over vocal duties. Deep Dark Blue is a 50-minute, thirteen track offering recorded over the past two years (largely due to the illness of their producer Tim Woodward), and it shows Inca Babies' reference points have not changed much over the past three decades. Stafford has a lighter voice than original vocalist Julian Woropay, and the music is more refined and accessible, but it still has a pleasingly nasty edge to it as Stafford narrates a series of fabulously wordy tales of darkness and desperation. 'Deep Dark Blue' is the tale of a man chucking his annoying wife overboard on a cruise, and things don't get any lighter with such brilliantly named tracks as 'Monologues Of Madness', 'Bikini Quicksand' and 'Endgame Check Out Club'. Musically, we have Link Wray rumbles, psychobilly blues and steroidal rock and roll all given the Babies' intimate touch with fabulously messy guitars and choking horns adding to the rhythm section's groove and tumble to create something both individual and bracing. If you have to pick moments, the single 'My Sick Suburb' shines with its dancing guitar riff and the shabby jazz of 'Tower Of Babel' is breathtaking but, in truth, there is little here to complain about and much to cherish. Lost Inca gold rediscovered. On 5th November, of course.


For your delectation this November comes the sixth studio album from Inca Babies entitled 'Deep Dark Blue' and released via Black Lagoon Records. Now really this band shouldn't need much of an introduction but for those who don't know the band is Harry Stafford on guitar and vocals, Vince Hunt on bass, and Rob Haynes on drums. Vince Hunt was persuaded to join the band after the death of the original bass player Bill Marten just as the band were writing their new material. Originally the band formed back in '82 and released four albums before they split in '88.They reformed in '07 and have since released a best of album '1983 – 87 Plutonium' as well as new work on 'Death Message Blues' in 2010.
Their latest work is darkly sublime in its use of strong rhythms and evocative vocals. From the very opening chords you are immersed into the gritty punk fuelled gothic rock blues inspired story led world of Inca Babies. The album includes their first single release in twenty five years 'My Sick Suburb'.'End Of The Blue' has a sing song feel to it but far more bite